Interchain Validator

SG-1 offers cutting edge validator architecture for the Interchain Era. Stake your assets with public SG-1 nodes.
Non-custodial. Secure. Innovative.



We will maintain a transparent and open communication with all stakeholders in the ecosystem, including validators, delegators, and users. This includes regular reporting on our performance and any incidents that may occur.


We will prioritize the security of the network and take all necessary measures to protect against potential threats or attacks. This includes regular security audits and implementing best practices in our infrastructure.


We will ensure that our infrastructure is reliable and able to provide consistent service to the network. This includes regular maintenance and upgrades to our hardware and software.


We will strive to promote decentralization within the network by actively participating in governance and encouraging the participation of diverse validators.


We will actively engage with and support the wider ecosystem, including participating in community events and contributing to open-source projects. We will strive to make the network accessible and inclusive for all users.


SG-1 Validator offers a variety of services to our delegator base.

Wide offering of Staking options

We currently secure 10 Cosmos SDK based networks. You may delegate/stake to SG-1 nodes on any of them.

Quality offering

We perform extensive due diligence before adding a new network. Due diligence never stops. If an ecosystem stagnates for an extended time or drastically underperforms, we will decommission our nodes on given networks.

100% Uptime

A top priority for us is to provide constant node uptime.


We monitor our servers 24/7 and have alerting systems in place when something goes unexpected. Years of experience managing nodes helped us set up high quality monitoring.


SG-1 offers 100% soft slash protection on nearly all networks*. In the rare case of a potential soft slash, delegators will be fully refunded for the slash amount.

SG-1 Validator Set-up

As the validator setup we have chosen to use a 5-tier system of nodes, deployed over a range of servers.

We deploy:

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Open RPC/API Nodes

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Sentry Nodes

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Relayer Nodes (experimental)

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Validator Nodes

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Backup Nodes

SG-1 Validator Architecture

On the architecture of the server setup, the sentry nodes are the first front. Those are connected to other nodes in the Cosmos ecosystem and gossip about newest transactions, blocks and updates. The IP of the sentry is public.

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