• Category: Web
  • Network: Cosmos
  • Name: Cosmostipbot
  • Project URL:
  • Platforms: Twitter, Telegram

The Cosmos Tipbot

We have developed an application which can run on any social media platform. The tip application makes a request to the decentralized Cosmos Network in order to validate all tip transactions that are made by users of the app.

The Tipbot currently is online on Twitter and Telegram. You can easily send ATOM to your favorite contributors, creators and influencers.

How it works

The first steps should be made via Direct Message / Private Message to the @cosmostipbot on Twitter or Telegram.

You can interact with the Bot with commands. On Twitter start with !register or !help - On Telegram with /register or /help

See the guidelines on:

After registering, you can interact with everybody on Twitter or Telegram, the recipient does not need to be registered. You can send to any person that has an unique identifier with an @.

Go tipping!